TYPE 8228 A


  • - 1/60000 display resolution, Ineternal resolution  of 1/6000000, up to 16 pcs digital load cell    can be connected.
  • - Humanize design, Easy, Simple operation. The PSC -8228A/B is design with complete    system operations from one simple key.
  • - The psc 8228A/B is designed with interactive indication where operator is asked for    required data and error massages indication
  • - System can be inspected, armended or clear all of in memory data on line.
  • - Two (2) centronic type (parallel 8 bits, TTL-LEVER). Printer port. Easy to interface impact    dot matrix ticket printer and roll tape printer.
  • - Memory holds up to 5000 completed weighing data.
  • - 500 tare weights can be preseted and memory by ID number.
  • - 500 weight ID (Truck NO.) can be memory temporarily.
  • - EMI/RFI protection for use electrically noisy environments.
  • - Both of RS-232 and RS-485 communication serial interface available.
  • - Ethernet (TCP/IP) internet interface.
  • - Weighing data consist of : Date:6 digitals, I/O bound, time:6 digitals, I.D. No. (Truck No.):10    digits, Material code:8 digits, Customer code:8 digits, Serial No: 3 digits, Weigh:6 digits (G-T-N)